Guilty Pleasures: Part I


In an endeavor to not entirely resist *all* my cultural upbringing, today I begin the first in a five part series revealing some of the cheesy Mormon shiz I have secretly embraced over the years.

Enjoy at your own secret eating.

Part I: Stay With Me

It would probably embarrass me to confess how many times this particular song has brought solace to me, but let’s just say that being alone on a mission at times, as well as other times in life, sometimes I’ve just needed some good ol’ cheese. (Plus, you know, it’s actually not that bad a song.  I’ve often thought I might do a cover of it someday.)

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  1. 23/03/2010marymary say:

    This song is dear to my heart because it’s the one Sister Ikegami could sing in English, with her own cute Japanese accent.

  2. 23/03/2010American Yak say:

    Sister Ikegami is dear to my heart. :)

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